Retail Solutions

A strategic business unit of AKTL, AKTouch is a retail chain of personal electronic goods in Chittagong. AKTouch provides comprehensive product lines of the latest mobile devices, has great accessibility spread over its 30+ retail outlets with the aim of providing its customer with in depth product knowledge, powering them to make the right decision for their mobile needs.

AKTouch is the retail chain operations of AKTL carrying mobile devices, tablets and accessories in Chittagong and Dhaka. AKTouch provides comprehensive product lines of the latest mobile devices and has expert representatives providing customers with in depth product knowledge across its fast growing number of stores. Carrying all the top brands, at AKTouch customers can rest assured to get genuine products with 1 year warranty and access to nationwide partner service

Companies who are looking to offer their employees the best benefits when it comes to purchasing mobiles, nothing can beat AKTouch Corporate. We give our corporate clients delivery at site, flexible payment terms and customised consultation to ensure they receive the best product at the best prices. For bulk purchases we offer the most competitive rates and bundles packages.