Data Center

AKTL Data center could provide a safe haven for your co-located servers. The Data center is well protected against power failures by diesel and petrol powered generators and an online UPS.

  • Temperature and the humidity of the Data center are controlled 24/7/365 by redundant cooling system and well protected by Biometric finger scanners.
  • Reliable internet connectivity with 99% network uptime is a promise that we deliver all the time. Different levels of access and monitoring security both inside and outside of the facility.
  • Rock solid monitoring mechanisms, rebooting, online data backups as well as scalable bandwidth on demand.
  • Guaranteed 99% network uptime with enough immunization for spam, viruses together with power packed Cisco firewalls to protect your server from hackers
  • Superior service backed by one of the strongest SLA’s in the industry.


IP VPNs are ideal for medium businesses to large enterprises, where multiple employees and branches need the ability to connect to the company intranet remotely and securely while handling sensitive corporate information. IP VPN is also useful for internet traffic that needs prioritization to better serve VoIP, video conferencing, and cloud services.


The interconnection of the network of AKTL to the internet is achieved through two independent redundant circuits by BD Hub and Level 3, the largest providers in Bangladesh, with the use of the BGP protocol.